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Welcome to a Manchester Community Website!

photo by Carol Campbell

Manchester is a village on the shores of Puget Sound, across the Sound from Seattle. The unincorporated village is defined by its own boundary and is within the boundaries of the Port of Manchester, Manchester Elementary School, and the Manchester Water District. At the heart of Manchester Village is the Manchester Library & Community Center.

The Library - a community hub - is just a block from the waterfront boat launch and Pomeroy Park. Its meeting room is used as the Community Center and hosts most of the public and private meetings for various groups and organizations of the village. The Library building, owned and maintained by the Friends of the Manchester Library, is situated on property owned by the Port of Manchester. The Library is operated by the Kitsap Regional Library organization.

Salmon Bake News & Library Expansion!

Regrettably, due to the ongoing COVID pandemic, we will not hold the Father’s Day Salmon Bake again this year.
However, there is some good news: the Manchester Library is constructing a new addition!

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To read the full background on the expansion project, click here.

Expansion Construction


Gravity Wall of Ecology Blocks:



Moving the old Shed (#3)

New retaining walls constructed:

Addition site prepared. Before:

After (note drainage trench):



Salmon Bake 2019!


Summer Fun - 2019 Manchester Annual Festival!

Hosted by your Manchester Community Association

Thank you, 2018 sponsor - Manchester Pub

"We thank all who participated, attended and supported our event. Save the date for the first Saturday in August 2019!" Carrilu Thompson (Festival Chair)

See Bookstore & Newsletters link in left column for more!

Thank you to Jean Gardipe, Theresa McBride, Susan Seykota Smith!

The 2018-2019 Special Friends of the FOML

Art in our Community

Featured Artist: Jim '2 Bear' Stritzel

Jim at the 2018 SalmonBake - sharing hands on, interactive demonstration of the Chasing  & Repousse method.

'Repousse is French for ‘pushing out’ from the back. Chasing is work done on the front. All the work is done entirely by hand with various shaped short metal punches (think blunted chisels) & hammers. Start out with a shiny piece of totally flat copper.
No machines or pre-formed parts are used. Heat & Pitch are used. Heat to anneal (re-soften) metal after hammering hardens it. Pitch is a semi-hard mixture to pound the copper onto while shaping it . So as to not poke the punches through & thus create a hole in the art work.'

~J.S. '2 Bear'

Manchester Water District

Dedication to the community

James Strode (Water District Commissioner) overseeing traffic and safety at the 2018 SalmonBake.


Dennis O'Connell (Water District Staff member) provides support and information at the 2018 Manchester Festival.


Mission Statement 
Our mission is to encourage lifelong learning in the Manchester area. We do this by providing a library building, supporting library programs, and offering a community gathering place. 

Function of the Friends
The Friends of the Manchester Library is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization which is made up of a group of volunteers who provides the source of funding for the Library facilities. Our library is special in that the Kitsap Regional Library system provides the Librarians and the books, but our community provides the land (actually, we rent it from the Port of Manchester for $1/year), facilities, utilities, maintenance, etc. Without the Friends, our Library wouldn't exist, and fundraising is the name of the game!!!
We're always looking for new members or even those who just want to attend one of our meetings to see how the group operates. See below for our regular meeting dates.

Meeting Dates for the Friends
These meetings are normally the fourth Wednesday of the month (except for November and December, and these are held on the third Wednesday of the month. Meetings start at 7:00PM in the Louise Pedersen meeting room in the Library. For more information, visit the Kitsap Regional Library's Manchester Branch web listing).

Friends Officers                   click here for bios   


Eric Cisney

term expires  12/31/2021

Vice President

Carol Kowalski

term expires  12/31/2021


John Winslow

term expires  12/31/2021


Theresa McBride

term expires  12/31/2021


O. Ray Pardo

term expires  12/31/2023


Chuck Williams

term expires  12/31/2022


Peggy Rees

term expires  12/31/2021

All officers' positions are for a term of one year, except the Directors, with three-year terms for continuity, as noted above. If you would like more information on the Friends, feel free to contact any of the officers above, or e-mail the secretary at the address noted. We also can be contacted via our PO Box 128 in Manchester 98353-0128.

Fundraising -- It's what we do to keep our Library open!
As noted above, we must continually fundraise to keep our great little Library operating! For the 2014 Spring quarter, the FOML received $778 from the Fred Meyer Foundation due to 78 patrons who have signed up for this simple method by associating their Fred Meyer rewards card with the FOML. See 'Ways To Help' for further details.

Perhaps our best known means of fund raising is our daily (every day the Library is open) book sale in the north wing of the Library. We have thousands of used books available on an honor-payment system. Prices are noted either on the book itself or per the payment schedule posted in the bookstore.  Other regular fundraising activities include rental of the meeting room (see below for more detail), the popular "Penny Jar" at the Manchester Inn, donations, and bequeaths.

Finally, we have several special fundraising events each year. The annual Father's Day Salmon Bake is a great fundraiser and in addition a great community-building event. This traditional Manchester event has continued for over 35 years! Also, each year we have several special book sales where the most special books are held-back and only offered for sale at these special sales. Prices are slightly higher than the normal book sale, but the books are TREASURES!! Our spring book sale, (the last Saturday in May) is also held in conjunction with a plant and garden sale, thanks to the great leadership of Norma Brady.

We're always looking for new ideas for fundraising, so if you have a brainstorm, be sure to share it with us.

Please visit our pages on what you can do to help, the FOML Endowment Fund and our donors & volunteers.
Attention: Federal Employees
FOML is a member agency in the Combined Federal Campaign.
To designate FOML for your payroll contributions, use # 75235.

Friends Bylaws
Click here to read the Bylaws

Acceptance and Terms of Use: The Friends of the Manchester Library is a 501(c)(3) non-profit.  We invite you to use this web-site as a source of information about out group and to consider helping us.  Feel free to read anything on this site.  We admit that we are not perfect and there may be some errors or omissions on the site and we apologize for that.  We appreciate feedback to the email address below with any corrections or suggestions for improvement.  All this information belongs to the Friends of the Manchester Library and if you would like to use that information for your own benefit, please contact us at the address noted below for authorization.

Want to Contact us?
US mail: Manchester Library Friends, PO Box 128, Manchester, WA 98353
Email: Friends contact John Winslow -
Library phone: 360-871-3921

Manchester Library
Street Address:

8067 E. Main Street Port Orchard, WA 98366

Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 128
Manchester, WA  98353

p: 360-871-3921

Currently open for pick-up only!




Chicken Coop

Original Library Building (chicken coop)

FOML adds solar panels on the Library courtesy of Puget Sound Energy

Dear Patrons & Friends of the Manchester Library,

The Friends of the Manchester Library are thrilled to be installing solar panels on the roof of the new addition to the library. Our intent is to save on our electrical bills, educate the public on the value of solar panels-even here in the Pacific Northwest, and demonstrate our commitment to reducing our environmental footprint in the Manchester community.

There will be a total of 25 panels installed on the south facing roof. The panels will have a combined potential output of 8.75 kilowatts and are expected to produce about 9500 kilowatt hours throughout the year, which is about 58% of our past annual usage. With the addition of more efficient lighting and energy efficient construction, we hope to reduce our electrical use further so the panels can provide an even higher proportion of our electricity. The panels should be installed and operating by late July 2021.

The Friends are indebted to Puget Sound Energy’s Green Power Solar Grant for funding this $32,000 project. The panel installer, Power Trip Energy Corp. of Port Townsend, designed a high performance installation which will take advantage of the best locations on our roof for the solar panels. Along with the installation, we plan to have a visual display inside the library to illustrate the output of the panels along with educational materials on solar power.

The Sun Energy panels were selected due to their high performance and durability. The panels themselves are guaranteed for 25 years. With three Engineers as current Board members, you can be certain that we will be keeping the panels at optimum output!

If you have any questions about the solar panels or the installation, feel free to contact Board member John Winslow, who is our solar project coordinator.