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The Manchester Community Foundation is a non-profit organization, comprised of several standing committees, each with its own ByLaws and Executive Board.

Please visit the Foundation's website for more information on these groups and others:

MCAC ~ Manchester Citizens' Advisory Council

If you live in the Manchester area and are interested in being part of this citizen advisory committee, please visit the Kitsap County website for more information and to fill out the on-line application.

MCA ~ Manchester Community Association

The MCA is a community group created to sponsor and promote events that benefit the community of Manchester, WA, giving local residents opportunities to get together, have fun, and celebrate the culture of their hometown. 

MHS ~ Manchester Historical Society

MCP & PSG ~ Manchester Crime Prevention & Public Safety Group

This group of dedicated local residents meets every Tuesday morning for coffee and an informal discussion about safety issues in Manchester.

Also, see 'Community Links' for more regional information.





MCC ~ Manchester Community Council

The Manchester Community Council (MCC) was a community group created in 2005 to serve as a liaison between the citizens of Manchester and the Kitsap County government.

The council took its origins from the Manchester Subarea Plan, a document designed and implemented in 2002 by the Kitsap County government and a volunteer group of 42 Manchester residents.

The Subarea Plan designates Manchester as a 'rural village,' and was created as a means of establishing legal guidelines for Manchester's "land use, densities, transportation, public facilities, public infrastructure, natural systems and open space."

This Plan was updated in 2007, as part of a joint effort between Kitsap County and the citizens onf Manchester. Having fulfilled it's mission, the MCC disbanded in 2010.

Visit the Kitsap County web site for complete details of the Manchester SubArea Plan.

Archived MCC Pages

MCC ByLaws

MCC Articles of Incorporation